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Dry Van

Destiny Transportation Ltd Services secures dry van equipment for your full-truckload shipments.

With over 25 years of experience in over-the-road transport, DTL has assembled one of the largest networks in North America. Using a combination of owned assets, owner operators, and small to mid-size carriers, DTL offers flexible and reliable service to each of the 10 Canadian Provinces and 48 contiguous states.


Dedicated Services and Continuous Truckload Moves
Trailer Pooling
Surge and Ad Hoc Capacity
24/7 dispatch
Various Equipment Types (dry van)
Flawless Execution

Being at the right place, at the right time, with the right equipment – this is the hallmark of service performance. We understand the importance of providing exceptional service at every step throughout the entire life cycle of the shipment to meet even the most demanding expectations.

As a full-service transportation provider, Destiny Transportation Ltd can offer you equipment and services specific to your shipment configuration and supply chain requirements. Destiny Transportation Ltd can provide you with multiple options based on the time sensitivity and orientation of your commodity.


Have a shipment that is less than a full truckload?

DTL can accommodate single pallets or consolidate multiple shipments with separate destinations with our Less than Truckload services. The LTL service is offered within Canada and the United States as well as for cross border shipments.

An LTL shipment requires intricate planning, weight management and scheduling, and DTL has the experience and skill to provide this service. We plan shipping schedules, flag potential problems and recommend solutions early on in order to save you time and money.

DTL makes shipping any type of load easier by offering access to experienced and approachable staff along with an online tracking service that allow you to be in the know every step of the way. Please contact one of our representatives today!

Our focus is customer service, performance                 and getting the job done.

Relationship, Quality &                                                             Performance


Freight Management

Whether you are looking for full-service freight management or managing portions of your freight needs, the advantages at DTL are as follows:

DTL ensures that quality carriers that meet your requirements are moving your freight.
DTL has extensive partnerships and buying power in the North American carrier marketplace. DTL maintains an active database of 37,000+ carriers and engages over 10,000 qualified carriers each calendar year (and growing).
DTL avoids the complications of managing fluctuating staff levels in your transportation department. If your business has seasonal demand that could create inefficiencies for your transportation department, you can contact one of our transportation consultants to develop a solution that allows you to deliver your seasonal freight on-time and on-budget.
DTL efficiently handles spikes in demand that tax your transportation department for:

Special projects
Seasonal demand
New facility openings
Unplanned client needs

Let  DTL Services be the scalable option for your fluctuating freight needs!

Temperature Controlled Equipment

When you need to move temperature-sensitive goods across the border or anywhere within North America, we understand what’s at stake for you. So it’s good to know that we’re cool-chain experts.

Whether its flowers, fruit & vegetables, meat, pharmaceuticals or anything in between, we can move your perishable goods, at the right temperature and humidity, from A to B, no matter what the distance.

That takes expertise, resources and the most up-to-date temperature protection technology, like:

SMART Reefers with temperature download capabilities
Active temperature control
Freeze protect
Wireless temperature monitoring and data recorders